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Green Light Go

Go is Green Light’s service for individuals aged 16+ with learning disabilities and autism who live in their own home or are transitioning to their own home as an owner or tenant.    

The team, led by an experienced Registered Manager, consists of skilled support workers closely supported by Green Light’s positive behaviour support team, including behaviour analysts and behaviour technicians. This unique integrated approach combines high-quality care and support with specialised skills teaching for individuals with learning disabilities and autism.  

The Go team provide personalised support tailored to the individual needs of each person, ensuring they receive the optimal level of assistance required.  Necessary support is identified through a thorough needs assessment process involving the individual, their loved ones, and relevant professionals.  The Go team aim to provide personalised enabling support that enhances the person’s skills and quality of life. As individuals develop an improved set of skills and become more independent, the need for support should gradually decrease in time.

The Go team will be able to support individuals to

  • Develop independent living, self-help, or coping skills
  • Develop social, communication and relationship skills
  • Transition to a new home
  • Access the healthcare they need
  • Minimise harmful behaviours

The Go team adopts a collaborative approach so the person, their family members and other professionals are included in assessment, training, development and ongoing evaluation of support. Liaison will occur between the Go team, individual, family and professionals to:

  • Assess needs, including any functional assessment of behaviour that may be needed
  • Design the service, including agreed levels of support, activity planning, creation of a Positive Behaviour Support plan, transition planning and allocation of resources and support required
  • Monitoring and reviewing the service
SomeMany will need some support. MoreA few will need more support. MostFewer still will need the most support.

Behaviour Technicians

The role of Behaviour Technicians is a relatively new one in the UK, rarely seen outside of specialist education settings. and unheard of in adult social care provision for adults with learning disabilities.  Behaviour Technicians have undergone ‘technical’ training (hence the title) in behavioural assessment, skills teaching methods, behaviour reduction, data collection and ethical and professional practice.  After this, they are closely supervised to become competent practitioners and to take an exam with the Behaviour Analytic Certification Board.  On passing, they become Registered Behaviour Technicians.  This training, exam and qualification is set to be replaced by a UK-SBA certification to align it with UK practice and the newly created aUKBA (cert) and UKBA (cert) qualifications.  RBT’s must adhere to specific internationally recognised standards and code of practice.  This qualification is then maintained through regular supervision of any behaviour analytic practice with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.  Green Light’s RBT’s will be expected to become Practicing Members of the UK-Society for Behaviour Analysis register and adhere to their Code of Ethical & Professional Conduct.

If you are interested in becoming a Behaviour Technician you can apply here



Register of Behaviour Analysts

Green Light’s PBS team of Behaviour Analysts are registered members of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA). The UK-SBA register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for Health and Social Care which means professionals on the register are regulated, and have agreed to adhere to the ethical and professional guidelines that the UK-SBA has established for the field.  Similar registers and standards exist for social workers, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, etc.  Using behaviour analyst professionals on the register provides safeguards, regulation and a rigorous complaints process for consumers, in addition to those that are already in place with the employer. 

Green Light’s Behaviour Technician once trained, and supervised to become competent and pass an exam, are eligible to join the UK-SBA register, providing another layer of safeguards for consumers.  

All staff complete Green Light’s PBS+ training package covering autism, learning disabilities, communication, physical intervention theory, and practical skills. The Physical Intervention components are BILD Act Accredited

The Mews

The Go team’s first project is supporting tenants at the Mews.  This is is a site of seven two bedroom, three bathroom homes on the edge of Goonhavern, between Newquay, Perranporth and Truro for adults with learning disabilities and autism created by Cornwall based developer Quadpart Investments Ltd

Levels of Support

The support level and specialist input provided are determined through a needs assessment completed by the Registered Manager in collaboration with Behaviour Analyst staff.

Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual:

  • Some individuals require a moderate level of support
  • A few individuals require a higher level of support
  • A smaller number of individuals require the highest level of support

As a result, the Go team offers support packages that vary from a few hours per day to round-the-clock assistance.

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Personal Care

Personal Care is one of 14 regulated activities in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.  The Care Quality Commission regulate and inspect regulated activities and provide guidance to care providers on complying with the regulations. Providers are required to apply and be registered with the Care Quality Commission to deliver regulated activities.  Providers can provide activities that are regulated, and activities that are not regulated activities, or are exempt, and therefore not part of the scope of regulation.  In this case, only activities that are defined as regulated activities will be regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Green Light Go is not currently registered to provide the regulated activity of ‘personal care’ and only provides support that is exempt from regulation.  

‘Personal Care’ is defined as:

Physical assistance given to a person in connection with:

  • eating or drinking (including the administration of parenteral nutrition)
  • toileting (including in relation to menstruation)
  • washing or bathing
  • dressing
  • oral care
  • the care of skin, hair and nails (except for nail care provided by a chiropodist or podiatrist)

Prompting, together with the supervision, of a person, in relation to the performance of any of the activities above, where that person is unable to make a decision for themselves in relation to performing such an activity without such prompting and supervision.

This prompting and supervision does not include, for example, support that is not personal care, for example checking on a person’s emotional well-being.

See CQC’s Scope of Registration Document for more information on activities that are regulated.

Registered Manager

Lewis Edwards

Registered Manager Lewis Edwards returned to Green Light in 2024, after a year working for a social housing provider in Cornwall. Prior to this, Lewis was Registered Manager of Green Light's The Pines, a home for three people with learning disabilities and autism in Caharrack.