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Green Light Go

Green Light Go is a service offering Positive Behaviour Support to people aged 16+ with autism, learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, in order that they can start to overcome the challenges they face in life. This is an extension of Green Light’s long-standing Mission to “empower people to achieve a lifestyle they’re proud of”.

‘Go’ was established in Summer 2020 in response to commissioner demand for flexible services for individuals ‘stuck’ in an unresponsive system, due to a lack of competent service provision in Cornwall.

SomeMany will need some support. MoreA few will need more support. MostFewer still will need the most support.
The PBS Team


The behaviour analyst team will be integral to developing Positive Behaviour Support plans for individuals supported by Green Light Go. These plans will provide proactive and reactive strategies, based on functional assessment, aiming to improve quality of life, reduce behaviours that challenge, as well as risks associated with such behaviour (e.g. ill health, harm, exclusion, restrictive practices).

Collaborative Approach

The Go team adopts a collaborative approach so the person who will receive the service, their family members and other professionals are included in assessment, training, development and ongoing evaluation of support. Liaison will occur between the Go team, individual, family and MDT to:

  • Assess needs, including functional assessment of behaviour
  • Design the service, including agreed levels of support, activity planning, creation of PBS plan, transition planning and allocation of resources and support required
  • Monitor and review the service

Personal Care

The Green Light Go team is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide ‘Personal Care’. Personal care is a regulated activity, overseen by a Registered Manager, responsible for assessing needs and developing care and support plans to meet those needs. Individuals who need assistance with the personal and intimate care will be provided with support to wash, dress, bathe, maintain good personal hygiene, take medications, etc.

The Go team will, through its close links with Behaviour Analysts, be able to provide targeted support for specific identified needs, in a range of areas. In the case of personal care, specific support could, for example, be provided to individuals who may not have had the specific targeted behavioural support needed to develop toilet training skills, and as a result may still be wearing continence pads.

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Levels of Support

People with autism are individuals who have varying levels of need. The level of support provided, and the extent to which specialist PBS and Behaviour Analyst input is provided, will be based on an assessment of need, completed by the Registered Manager or Nominated Individual, in cooperation with Behaviour Analyst staff.

Referrals reflect the individual needs of each person:

  • Many will need some support.
  • A few will need more support.
  • Fewer still will need the most support.

The Go team may therefore offer packages of support which range from a few hours a day to packages of support which are 24/7.

Head and shoulders photo of Calum Rollo

Registered Manager

Calum Rollo

Calum Rollo joined Green Light in June 2015 after completing a degree in Exercise, Health & Environment, and a Personal Trainer Qualification. Since joining Green Light Calum completed a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health & Social Care. Calum has led transitions for several people joining Green Light from other parts of the UK.