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Compliments, Concerns & Complaints Policy & Procedure

We value all feedback of any kind on our approach and or services. We see this very much as an opportunity to better what we do for our customers. Compliments are always welcome and help provide positive encouragement to employees in what can at times be challenging and demanding roles. This in turn can help to create and maintain the kind of living and working atmosphere the people we support and employees alike will thrive in. Your compliments can also help us build our reputation, particularly when these are in a format we can share with others. We will always ask for your permission to share.


We accept complaints from anyone, because everyone’s view of what we can do better is important to us. We aim to be a company that listens and understands, so we have designed the process of making concerns, complaints or compliments easy and effective so that your views can be simply made and clearly heard.

We log all compliments, concerns and complaints so we can monitor how we are doing and improve whenever and wherever needed.

Similarly we welcome feedback in any format you are comfortable with, be it verbal, email, in writing, or via our on-line complaints form. However you decide to provide it, you can be assured it will be treated seriously and investigated properly.

If you prefer you can simply tell us about your compliments, concerns or complaints by talking to someone you are comfortable talking to. That person can then complete the compliment, concern and complaints form on your behalf.

We value your feedback and thank you in advance for your honesty and interest in improving our service. You should expect your views to be received by employees graciously and without prejudice.

Your right to make a complaint as a person we support will be explained from the beginning of your service with us. Employees and others coming into contact with our service will be made aware of the complaints policy and procedure, through induction training, reading the policies and procedures, and information we keep.

Any matter raised will be dealt with sensitively. The complainant should experience no negative retaliation or discrimination from any member of our services. Complaints will be addressed within specific time-scales, and the Care Quality Commission will be informed as and when appropriate.


People we support, their family, friends and advocates will be informed of the complaints procedure prior to entering the home. Information about the complaints procedure will be set out within the service user guide.

Complaints from people we support, family, friends or advocates can be made to any employee, advocate, person acting on their behalf, or directly to the Care Quality Commission if they so desire.

Complaints made to employees or advocates from people we support must be passed on to the person in charge of the home at that time unless there is reason not to do so.

Written complaints can be made and support provided to do so if needed using the compliments, concerns and complaints form.

If the matter is not resolved at this stage, it should be passed on to the Registered Manager of the home, who will take the appropriate course of action, e.g. investigate or pass the matter on to their line manager. The compliments, concerns and complaints form should be completed and returned to the Nominated Individual or Managing Director as soon as it is clear the matter cannot be resolved at this point.

Based on receipt of the compliments, concerns and complaints forms, all complainants will receive a written acknowledgement of receipt within 2 working days, either to confirm resolution or to indicate more time is needed to look into the matter, unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

The Registered Manager will generally be responsible for investigating complaints and reporting outcomes and recommendations to their line manager. Where concerns or complaints involve the Registered Manager then their line manager will investigate on behalf of the company.

All correspondence, findings and action taken will be documented by the lead person. We will aim to produce a full report within 5 working days of any conclusions reached, unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

Where the matter is still ongoing after 21 working days, the complainant will be contacted to be updated on progress and for information on why delays are being experienced, unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

Should the complainant at any time feel the matter has not been satisfactorily addressed they can contact the Care Quality Commission.

Individuals who are funded by Social Services have a right to complain through the Adult Care and Support Compliments, Comments and Complaints procedure, a copy of which is attached at the bottom of this procedure.

The Registered Manager supplies information annually on complaints to the Care Quality Commission for the preceding twelve months as well details of any action(s) taken.

Employees receive training with regards to the complaints procedure, highlighting what constitutes a concern or complaint and the procedure in the event of these being raised. Those involved in the procedure receive training to ensure compliance with this policy.

Where applicable, the person investigating the complaint will alert the appropriate persons. Where a review of policy or practice is required in response to a complaint this will be carried out by senior members of staff. This may include Registered Managers or members of the senior team, depending on the level at which practice needs to be reviewed.

Complaints will be recorded within the service via the compliments, concerns and complaints form which logs all such information. This will be monitored and reported on at least monthly by the Registered Manager.

Individuals leading any investigation will be trained in the expected procedure which considers time-scales, confidentiality, good practice and recording amongst other topics.

Complaints Procedure

If you, someone in your family or one of your friends is unhappy with any of the care or services you are receiving, please tell an employee or write it down and give it to an employee, retaining a copy for your own records.  You can ask someone else to make a complaint on your behalf if you are not happy talking to an employee yourself. 

You can make a complaint anonymously if you wish using our on-line recording form, e-mail or letter.

If an employee is informed of a complaint, they will tell their manager and the manager will try and resolve the problem at the time.

If the manager cannot resolve the matter, or you are not satisfied with the way it has been dealt with, the matter will be shared with a member of the senior team for investigation.

You will be informed in writing that your complaint has been received; we aim for this to be no more than 2 working days after receiving written notification of a complaint, unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

If the investigation resolves the issue, you will receive a written report of the findings and actions taken within 5 days of a conclusion being reached., unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

If not, and the complaint is ‘ongoing’ or still being investigated after 20 working days, you will receive a progress report explaining any reasons for delay, unless the matter is subject to external investigation procedures.

If you do not wish to talk to anyone employed by us or you feel it would be more appropriate to speak to an external representative you contact the Care Quality Commission.

You should not experience any negative views or prejudice because you have raised a concern or complaint. We welcome your views and invite you to express them.

Feedback form

You can provide a compliment, concern or complaint by filling out our feedback form.