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Published by Jo on 24th May 2021

Are you looking for meaningful work?  – Why not join us as a Registered Manager, Support Worker, or Waking Night Support Worker?  

Green Light PBS Ltd. is a Cornwall based provider of services to people with autism and learning disabilities.  After a period without growth, we are now starting to grow again to meet demand for our services.  We now have homes across Cornwall from Helston in the West to St. Austell in the East and lots of places in between.  We are planning to open a new service of five brand new self-contained homes in Camborne by autumn 2021 creating 30 new jobs in the area.  This means there are now opportunities to join us as Registered Manager, Deputy Manager, Support Workers, or Waking Night Support Workers, either in the new service or in our other homes.  

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong condition (not an illness) that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.  People with autism have strengths and weaknesses in the same way as anyone else.    

What is the company ethos?

Our mission is ‘empowering people to achieve a lifestyle they’re proud of’.   Our team’s focus on helping people ‘get the right lifestyle’ has been behind countless personal achievements; people doing things they thought were out of reach or not possible.  What seem like small steps for some, are major achievements for others.

What Support Do Our Teams Provide?

The support we provide varies from person to person.  Some need help communicating or understanding ‘social rules’.  So you might find yourself acting like an ‘interpreter’ explaining social situations.  Others may need your help to learn new skills, to become more independent, to take part in a new activity.  They might need your help to make lunch, look after their home, get to college, work or appointments. They might need your help to stay in touch with their family.  Your help may be needed in all manner of normal day-to-day activities.

What kind of people join us as Support Workers?

Recruiting the right people is something we’ve taken seriously since starting the company.  People who do well with us tend to be ‘good with people’ and have a natural ability to see where help might be needed.  The autism training we provide can help you spot where help might be needed and why, so you can give the right help for that situation.  We have lots of good problem-solvers in our teams, some have personal experience of autism, maybe a loved one, relative or sibling with the condition.  Many of the people we support enjoy being active, enjoying beach walks, cycling, swimming, etc. so team members tend to have a reasonable level of physical fitness.

What kind of training do we provide?

We provide all required training to new team members during a company induction.  This covers key areas, autism, emergency aid, infection control, health and safety, positive behaviour support, plus many more.    After induction, successful applicants join a team led by an experienced Registered Manager who will arrange an induction to the home, introduce you to your new colleagues and the people we support.

Where are our teams located?

You can see the location of all our homes on this map


Thornbury House in Illogan near Redruth

Will I be able to have a career with Green Light?

Health & Social Care is a growing sector, with increasing demand for people with skills and experience, particularly in autism, learning disabilities and other complex needs.  We can offer support, training and provide the experience needed to progress into roles with us, or in Health & Social Care roles across the sector. In fact, many of our senior management team started their career in the Support Worker role.  Other people have joined us to gain experience and to set them apart in their applications for other roles, for example Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Social Work.  


If you have any questions about the role call Kerry Noonan, Recruitment Lead on 01637 416444 who will be pleased to answer these. You can email Kerry out of office hours at [email protected] 

We regularly hold recruitment open events, virtually and at our office.  Contact us to find out when we are holding our next one.

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