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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

Green Light’s mission is ’empowering people to lead a lifestyle they’re proud of’.

– This is what we love doing.  Would you like to join us and work towards this goal each day too?

Those that do join our comprehensive organisational training programme, a home-specific induction training programme and are provided with a period of ‘shadowing’ or ‘buddying up’ with confident colleagues who can introduce you to people and ‘show you the ropes’.

Your manager will provide you with regular supervision (1:1) so you can discuss your role and explore any additional support or training needed.  After training, you’ll start to provide care and support to those living in the home.  As you’d expect, how people spend their time, varies widely, according to the goals, likes and dislikes of each person. Some people may be very active ‘outdoor types’ – surfing, kayaking, cycling, swimming etc. while others may enjoy less thrilling activities!  Others may need your help in other areas, attending work, volunteering, getting to college placements, meeting up with family and friends.

Great teams play to their strengths, so team members with certain skills or interests may be matched up with people who want or need to learn those skills too.  Some people we support may have worries or fears they may be working on or wish to overcome. They may need your help to expand their horizons, try new things, a different way, or build confidence with new people or new situations.  The challenges and achievements to be made are so different for each person we support.

Green Light is known for its high quality autism and learning disability services and positive approaches to supporting people with complex needs.  Those joining us as a Support Worker can expect to support people with a diverse range of needs, across the autism spectrum; conditions like Aspergers Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and individuals with Prader Willi Syndrome Some may have health needs like Epilepsy or Diabetes too.  Our teams and the people they support are continually learning about these conditions, how they affect people and what support can be provided to help.  Any specific needs, and how these are to be met are planned with support and training from specialists in their fields.

At times, some people may behave in puzzling or unusual ways.  Termed ‘challenging behaviour‘ this is often a learnt way of communicating an unmet need for someone who may not (yet) have other ways to express themselves.  Understanding the meaning (or function) behind this, is one of the fascinating parts of the role.

Green Light’s teams are well-resourced with staffing ratios reflecting the needs of each person with majority of people supported by Green Light having 1:1 support, in some cases more than 1:1.  Our teams are provided with high levels of management support and supervision in the home from managers who understand the pressures of the role and where their help may be needed.


Specialist support is provided to the manager and their team from Green Light’s wider management team who have specialised in Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Operational Management, Recruitment, Administration and Finance.  Green Light is one of the first providers in the UK to have a dedicated Positive Behaviour Support team of behaviour analysts who can work ‘hand in hand’ with our teams to ensure the care our teams provide is person-centred and focused on improving quality of life.  Our management team work closely together to provide 24/7 ‘on call’ support for teams who can access this for advice, guidance or practical assistance needed night or day.

Each team is led by an experienced Registered Manager and Deputy Manager who provide support, supervision and coaching to their Support Worker, Senior Support Worker and Waking Night Support Worker colleagues as they provide around the clock support to the people in the home.  We are proud to say that our teams have consistently been able to achieve ‘good’ overall ratings when inspected by the Health & Social Care Regulator The Care Quality Commission. Reviews with families and professionals consistently provide positive feedback on our teams and the support they provide.

Our teams are made up of people from of all walks of life.  Some at the start of their career.  Some mid-career.  Some are no longer interested in the idea of a career, or never were… As a workforce we value diversity and love the vibrancy this brings to our teams and experience for all.  We value life experience and the value this brings to what we do, and how we do it.  Some of our best team members are those who’ll be the first to admit; ‘they never dreamt of doing this kind of thing before!’

However, for those who are career-minded, Green Light has proven to be the perfect ‘launch pad’ for many careers in Health & Social Care, particularly those wishing to specialise in autism, learning disabilities and/or behaviour analysis.  Green Light is now well-regarded nationally in this niche part of the Health & Social Care sector.  As we have grown since 2010, opportunities have emerged to learn and improve, offering valuable experience and insights for those who have taken these opportunities.  This experience is now a foundation stone in the careers of many of our current senior team, as well as colleagues who continue to make an impact elsewhere in Health & Social Care sector.

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Support Worker


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Empowering people with autism to lead a lifestyle they're proud of

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