Behaviour Analyst Internship Role Created in 2020

Published by Jo on 28th May 2021

In 2020 Green Light created a Behaviour Analyst Internship role for students of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support who were attending or just completing university courses. 

ABA is the study of behaviour and learning; applied to help people develop skills and improve quality of life.  Although some special schools use ABA, Green Light is one of only a handful of adult autism care providers in the UK who employ Board Certified Behaviour Analysts to understand and support people. 

The Internship role aims to bridge the gap between study and practice for people at the start of their careers in Applied Behaviour Analysis, or Positive Behaviour Support.  Successful applicants are closely supervised by Green Light’s Behaviour Analysts Ioanna Konstantinidou, Spencer Delf and Mollie Salter Prescott to assess needs, develop and implement support plans and monitor progress towards goals, alongside our dedicated teams in Green Light’s homes in Cornwall. 

Relocation support is provided to successful applicants who come from far afield.  Green Light welcomes informal discussion & visits from prospective applicants but please follow our social media to be informed of opportunities to apply for these roles as they arise.

Green Light’s PBS team of Behaviour Analysts