Why we joined the field – behaviour analysts share their journeys so far…

Published by Jo on 20th March 2022

A blog post to coincide with World Behavior Analysis Day March 20th 2022

Name: Ioanna Konstantinidou

Role: Senior Behaviour Analyst

How did I get into the field of ABA: During my undergraduate degree in special education in Greece I attended a lecture on ABA, which I found very interesting. I then attended a workshop led by a private ABA clinic in Greece, which was practice based.  Having seen the positive  impact on ABA with the children I was working with in a school at that time, I decided to move to the UK to complete a master’s degree in ABA.

My experience so far in the field of ABA: In 2014, I completed a master’s degree in ABA at the Tizard Centre, in Kent. I then moved to London, where I worked in an ABA school with children with autism for two years while I was also working in ABA home programs. In 2016, I became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and moved to Cornwall to start to lead the department of PBS at Green Light PBS Ltd.  Since then I have also completed a certificate in Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM), and at the moment I am also a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast focusing on staff training and organisational systems to maximise the impact of training. Having applied behaviour principles in different settings and with different populations, I am very passionate about disseminating behaviour science and making it accessible.

Particular area of interest: Organisational Behaviour Management, staff training, Acceptance and Commitment Training.

Name: Chloe Brindley

Role: Behaviour Analyst

How did I get into the field of ABA: I first heard about applied behaviour analysis during my undergraduate degree in psychology, and took part in a module in behavioural psychology which explored behavioural principles and the use of gamification. It was following this that I decided to apply for a master’s programme in applied behaviour analysis at Bangor University

My experience so far in the field of ABA: I completed my masters degree in applied behaviour analysis at Bangor University. Alongside my master’s degree I completed an internship, where I worked in mainstream schools and pupil referral units, assisting with work on a PhD study. Also conducting observations and implementing interventions to assist with reducing challenging behaviour and increasing skills in emotional regulation and engagement in classroom based tasks. After graduating from my masters programme in September 2020, I began working at Green Light PBS Ltd., working with adults with autism and learning disabilities. During this time I have worked on increasing engagement in activities, emotional regulation programmes, functional communication training, and increasing independence skills with my colleagues. 

Particular Area of Interest: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Organisational Behaviour Management. 

Name: Kerri Goddard

Role: Behaviour Analyst Intern

How did I get into the field of ABA: I had my first exposure to ABA working for Green Light as a support worker and working with one of the BCBAs. I supported two individuals who both had very different PBS plans, and I was interested in the background knowledge that informed those plans. This piqued my interest and I applied for and was accepted on a Masters course in ABA at Bangor University, from which I am learning so much more. 

My experience so far in the field of ABA: Since starting as a Behaviour Analyst Intern I have been able to apply the theory that I have been learning in the course, which has been amazing.

Particular area of interest:  I am hoping that with more experience I will develop an interest in specific areas, but coming from a previous teaching role where I taught foreign languages, communication is already a strong interest of mine.

Name: Mollie Salter-Prescott

Role: Behaviour Analyst

How did I get into the field of ABA:My first experience of ABA was actually through my family. My cousin has autism and my auntie and uncle fought for funding for ABA. The difference it made to his life was so incredible that I decided it was something I wanted to pursue. 

My experience so far in the field of ABA:My career in ABA started out with children where I used ABA to teach children how to communicate, play and how to perform basic life skills. My interests turned towards working with adults when I heard about Green Light and their mission towards empowerment. I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to independence and the science of ABA equips us to be able to teach people new skills, no matter their age. 

Particular area of interest: I am currently interested in learning more about how ABA can be used to teach appropriate sexual skills. Sexual stimulation is basic human need and I believe we should be working towards empowering people to achieve this appropriately. I am also interested in how ABA can be used to create systems-wide changes to improve staff skills and outcomes for the people we support.