Opportunity to Join Green Light’s Huthnance Park Team at the ‘Proud to Care’ Hiring Event in Penzance

Published by Jo on 17th January 2023

Green Light Registered Manager Helen Kendall (above right) and colleagues are excited to be at the ‘Proud to Care Hiring Event’ at St. John’s Hall, Alverton St, Penzance TR18 2QW on Saturday 28th of January 2023 from 0930 to 1630.

In this blog we explain why we have opportunities to join our West Cornwall home ‘Huthnance Park’.


Helen Kendall, Registered Manager of Huthnance Park will be at the Proud to Care Hiring Event on Saturday 28th of January from 0930 to 1630.

Green Light’s Huthnance Park is a rural home, adapted for just four adults with learning disabilities and autism in Nancegollan, near Leedstown, in West Cornwall.  (What/Three/Words)  

The home is a short drive from Leedstown, Praze, Camborne, Penzance, Helston and Hayle, where many of the team live.  The team is led by experienced manager Helen Kendall and deputy managers, Nichola Watson and Kathryn Roberts, all of whom have excellent longstanding relationships with the individual’s the team supports.

The people living at the home each have a self-contained apartment tailored to their likes needs and preferences.  There are spacious grounds where barbecues, birthdays and other celebrations are hosted during the summer months and a poly tunnel where strawberries, rocket, chillies and other fresh produce is grown.  There are vehicles used by the team to get to and from chosen activities. 

Each person living at Huthnance Park has their own Senior Support Worker supported by the managers.  Senior Support Workers provide focused support to plan how people might wish to spend their time; scheduling social, leisure and other activities, helping the person stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones and help with longer term goals people might have.    

Helen and the Huthnance team provide support to adults with learning disabilities and autism, in various aspects of their lives.    

Many people with autism have very specific interests, fixed routines, and can be fearful or avoidant of change.   The Huthnance team have built a reputation at Green Light (and with local professionals) for achieving valuable goals, over long periods of time, by gradually helping people learn, and practise coping skills. 

The team has achieved some remarkable results, helping people open up their lives, after many months, or even years in some cases.  Just over a month ago, the team working with other health and social care professionals, supported an individual to undergo cataract surgery, something four years in the making, and something many doubted would ever even be possible.  (see earlier post)  

Once again, the team proves, that with the right time and right support, anything is possible!

Helen and the team are currently planning to accommodate someone new to move into the home.  This follows a successful onward move for another person, then substantial renovations in three self-contained apartments, then some internal moves.  The team have now created the opportunity for another individual to move in, and in doing so, be much closer to their brother, and parents who live nearby.  Some initial transition work is already in progress but the final move will only happen when Helen has recruited the right support workers, senior support workers and waking night team members to the team.

Helen would like to hear from anyone with or without previous experience, who would like to be part of this new challenge, and the team’s future plans for people at Huthnance Park.

If you would like to hear more about Huthnance or openings in our other teams, you can meet Helen at the Proud to Care Hiring Event at St. John’s Hall in Penzance on the 28th of January from 0930.

To find out more about working Green Light or apply now, please visit our website 

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