Meet the Team – Chloe Brindley

Published by Jo on 29th March 2021

Chloe joined Green Light in October 2020 after completing her Master Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Bangor University. Whilst studying, Chloe was part of the University’s internship programme, working in schools around North Wales, including primary schools and pupil referral units. In this role Chloe assisted Board Certified Behaviour Analysts in the collection of data via behavioural observations. Chloe also assisted with the implementation of behaviour plans to reduce challenging behaviour and increase emotional regulation and academic and social skills. Chloe is now working with Green Light’s Positive Behaviour Support team as she prepares to sit the exam to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Q: Where are you from and where do you live now?

A: I’m from Tamworth in Staffordshire and will be living in Newquay
Q: How did you hear about Green Light ?
A: I first heard about Green Light during my postgraduate degree through an advertisement posted by one of my lecturers.
Q: Why did you decide to work for Green Light ?
A: Whilst studying for my Masters Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis, my eyes were opened to the ranges of populations that behavioural practice can be applied to. This then led me to actively explore all of the potential options I had and where my career could take me. I decided that I wanted to work for Green Light after doing some research into the services provided, the amazing achievements of staff members actively progressing their skillsets and experiences whilst working for Green Light. These positive perceptions of Green Light were solidified when I first met Ioanna and Jo over an informal Skype conversation, the positivity and enthusiasm I got from this single 15 minute call was enough for me to know that this would be the ideal positive work environment and support that I want to be a part of as a newly graduated student.
Q: What is your previous experience of autism or learning disabilities?
A: I have some previous experience with autism and learning disabilities both professionally and personally. As a football coach and a camp counsellor I worked with a range of children from various cultures, backgrounds and learning disabilities. Although at the time I did not have the understanding about behaviour that I do now, these experiences helped to shape my awareness of the needs of individuals and the need for an individualised approach. In my personal experience I have experience of autism through friends and family members, increasing my understanding of the impact this can have on immediate family members as well as the adjustments this creates for the life of the individual themselves and their experiences in life.
Q: Do you have any special skills/hobbies or interests?
A: Sport was a big part of my upbringing and so I have experience playing a number of team sports including: netball, football, volleyball and badminton. As a result of this I have an interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and like to keep my fitness and health to a high standard through diet and regular exercise. My love for sport led me go become a qualified football coach, a role I really enjoyed and hope to get back to one day. Equally I am also very interested in music, both listening, playing and writing music, I particularly enjoy playing the ukulele but have also played the violin and flute in the past.
Q: When not working what are you most likely to be doing?
A: Spending time with my family and loved ones, ideally in person but when this is not possible, over the phone. But I can also quite often be found outdoors with my camera, photography is a big hobby of mine and something that I really enjoy doing, in all settings and all weathers.
Q: What do you have on your bucket list?
A: My bucket list consists mainly of places I would like to travel. I love going on adventures and exploring, so my bucket list consists of a number of places that i would love to visit if I get the opportunity to, including The US, Australia and various parts of Europe.
Q: Who is your hero or heroine & why?
A: I’ve had a number of heroes and heroines over the years that have changed dependent on the stage of my life. But the ones that have always remained consistent are my parents, although this is 2 people I’ve always viewed them as a team. They have supported me throughout all stages of my life through everything that I have wanted to do, I’ve shaped my behaviour around what they have taught me, to be confident, respectful and to not be afraid to have big goals in life. I am inspired by them in terms of all that they have conquered throughout their lives and the team work and consistency that they have shown in bringing up myself and my brother. And I hope that I can inspire others in my life the way that they have inspired me.
Q: What three words sum up your personality?
A: Compassionate, Hard-Working and Organised

Watch Chloe explain ‘What is Positive Behaviour Support?’ in this video?