Living the Disney Dream – Guest Blog by Rose Bradley & Paul Garner

Published by Jo on 3rd April 2024

Living the Disney Dream – Guest Blog by Rose Bradley & Paul Garner

‘Charlie’ a young man support – full of life and with an amazing sense of fun – has in the past enjoyed time at theme parks, including Butlins, Alton Towers and Flambards.  Added to that, Charlie often chooses to watch Disney vlogs on YouTube. So it was an easy decision to support him to visit Disneyland, Paris in Spring 2024. His incredible adventure began early on Sunday morning and after 9 hours and 500 miles, this young man was keen to explore the Paris accommodation in the Serris area of the city before getting ready for bed that evening.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast of croissants and Le chocolat chaud, we headed for the nearby bus stop and made our way to our destination – Disneyland!

Through bustling crowds and several lengthy waits, we eventually found ourselves on the first ride of the trip – aboard the Disneyland Railroad! Fortunately we had secured priority passes, which meant we didn’t have to queue too long for the rides – this certainly made the whole trip more enjoyable.

With a toot-toot and a clickety-clack, the Railroad car took us full circle around the park – the person we support excitedly pointing at the colourful rides as we chugged around the track. We were soon disembarking and making our way to the Pirates of the Caribbean! Sitting in our boat on this dark ride, the young man engaged fully with the sounds and sights of the pirates’ shenanigans – squealing with excitement as the boat splashed down the rapid drops on the roller coaster, gripping our hands as he laughed loudly. We continued the fun on the gentler Peter Pan ride, “flying” above London and escaping the wicked clutches of Captain Hook. Taking a break from the excitement, we queued at the popcorn truck for a drink and some hot, fresh popcorn. Delicious!

After taking the bus back to the accommodation, we visited the supermarket for provisions, and enjoyed an evening meal before walking back to the park to watch the incredible drone show – the individual and staff alike were fascinated by this Electrical Parade. The extra 3 mile walk might have been the reason we all slept so well on this night! 

Following breakfast the next day, we headed to the Walt Disney Studios and somehow ended up in the Tower of Terror! The young man’s excitement was clear as he squealed and gripped our hands during the very scary ride! Still smiling, we then headed to the more chilled Spiderman WEB ride, where he appeared to enjoy shooting the spiders as we spun through the 3D landscape.

All too quickly, we were outside again and heading to the hot dog truck – spotting the Marvel characters as we walked through the park.

While the person we support seemed to really enjoy the rides, including the amazing Ratatouille and Slinky rides, the highlights of the day in the Studio park were the shows – the amazing Pixar live musical show and the Stitch interactive show – he really seemed enthralled by these excellent productions. The slightly irreverent Stitch may well be a new favourite character!

In the late afternoon, when the crowds and the warmth of the sun eased off a little, we headed back through the Disneyland park. Meandering via Cinderella’s spectacular castle and its underground dragon dungeon, we boarded the Star Wars ride. Although a simulator ride, it was very realistic with lots of twists, drops and turns; the person we support whooped and laughed throughout, seeming to really enjoy this ride, especially when we ‘crashed’ into a character! Once we had alighted, we secured a premium spot to watch the famous parade while sipping cola as the sun set over the park.

Our final full day started with a visit to the Disney Studios, where the individual chose to have a cola drink before we headed to Disneyland just in time to watch a parade through Maine Street, USA. Here, he waved and smiled at the characters, especially his favourite: Micky!

Not long after, as the sun grew ever warm, we moved into the cool of the “Small World” ride – the person we support seemed to really engage with the songs and the bright, colourful setting of this gentle boat ride before giggling as we swirled and spun in the Mad Hatter’s teacups ride!

Dizzy and very warm from the sun, we made our way to Frontierland just in time for the Lion King show – a musical extravaganza which the individual we support really engaged with from our fabulous front row seats – there were certainly lots of smiles and clapping! On leaving the theatre, we enjoyed a picnic before a serene cruise on the riverboat Molly Brown – a welcome opportunity to sit and recharge before the next adventure.

Once again on dry land, the young man guided us to Phantom Mansion – although the ride was closed for repairs, he seemed to enjoy looking up at the windows to spot ghosts! Soon after, he led us around the Frontierland Fort, peering into the jail cells and really exploring the displays.

When the time came to leave the park for a final time, we made our way back to the apartment, where the individual spent time watching the world go by from the window before enjoying his dinner. In the evening, we walked around the local area and found ourselves in a huge shopping mall, where he enjoyed a hot chocolate and selected a very naughty cake to take back to the apartment.

Before long, the young man we support was in bed, relaxed and weary from his adventure – hopefully dreaming of all the amazing rides, sights and sounds of the last three days!

Whilst he seemed to really enjoy his holiday, it was clear that this young man was delighted to be home and was soon safely in his own bed. What a fantastic time we had in Disneyland Paris and a fitting way to kick off this young man’s milestone birthday celebrations. We look forward to supporting him in adventures yet to come 🌟 

Rose Bradley and Paul Garner 

Living the Disney Dream – Guest Blog by Rose Bradley & Paul Garner