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We aim to be an organisation that listens. This form can be used by anyone who has feedback, whether this is a compliment, concern or a complaint about our services. It can be used to report concerns or complaints even if these are resolved at the time provided, indeed this is something we would wish to encourage. This form can also be used to report concerns or complaints that require more detailed investigation.

The form will be forwarded to: the Data Protection Officer and the Nominated Individual. If you prefer you can send your compliment, concern or complaint by post to: The Data Protection Officer, Green Light PBS Ltd. Mor Workspace, Treloggan Lane, TR7 2FP. Please mark the envelope ‘PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL’.

This form has been designed to be simple to use and effective in collecting feedback. We can provide support to complete this if needed. We need to log all complaints so that we can monitor how we are doing and improve where needed. If you prefer you can simply tell us about your compliments, concerns or complaints by talking to someone you are comfortable talking to. An employee can then complete this on your behalf. We treat all complaints seriously and as opportunities to improve what we do and so your views should be received by employees graciously and without prejudice. However we do understand that it is not always easy to provide feedback, particularly concerns or complaints and so the option to remain anonymous is provided. We do value your feedback and thank you in advance for your honesty and interest in improving our service. Jo Pyrah – Nominated Individual.

  • You don't have to provide your name if you prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Please enter the telephone number of the person providing feedback so that we can formally acknowledge this and ensure we have all relevant information.
  • Please select the home or service that this feedback relates to.
  • e.g. name of employee receiving feedback
  • e.g. employee name
  • e.g. time, date, location and people involved and their activities, etc.
  • e.g. details of any steps taken to remedy concerns, complaints by whom