Behaviour Technician Role Introduced at Green Light PBS Ltd.

Published by Jo on 6th June 2022


I am delighted to announce the introduction of a new role to Green Light called the Behaviour Technician.  Although the role already exists in some other countries, it is rarely seen in the UK, outside of some very innovative often-outstanding-rated special schools.  I am very proud that Green Light is (probably) the first adult care provider in the UK to introduce the role.  I believe it will add great value to what we do for the people we support at Green Light.  It will build on all the good work that has gone on these last 12 years. 

As most people I speak to in the UK have never heard of Behaviour Technicians, we put together a short video to introduce the role and concept behind it.  

At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking it’s not that different from an experienced Senior Support Worker, in that they will be providing great care and support, so that people achieve good outcomes.  And while this is true, like the swan analogy, this new role has additional complexity and responsibilities underneath the surface.  

There is very specific technical training, competencies and an exam, and strict on-going supervision that has to be provided by a behaviour analyst trained in the science and theory behind the practice, delivery and learning.  There is also additional accountability with the role because Behaviour Technicians will (like all good scientists) be measuring and sharing their results, and the impact they have as they put theory into practice to benefit the people we support.   

The Behaviour Technician role will be of interest to people who are interested in the theory behind the practice; how people learn, why people do what they do, etc.  It would have been a role I would have wanted the opportunity to do myself, had it existed when I was a Support Worker; to have the opportunity to better understand and support someone with challenging behaviour, with specific training, guidance and support from someone trained in the learning theory behind all this.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, please have a look at the ‘Work with Us’ section of our website for more information and details of how to apply.  

Many thanks 




Jo Pyrah

Managing Director