Guest blog by Spencer Delf, Behaviour Analyst

Published by Jo on 22nd July 2020

Spencer Delf studied Applied Behaviour Analysis at the University of South Wales, UK He joined Green Light as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. He and our teams are now working closely together to support individuals to develop skills to improve their quality of life.

I best introduce myself, I am Green Light’s New Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). I have spent my earlier career working in earlier interventions, educational settings and the justice system, in South Wales. As well as, spending some time teaching English in Egypt. I am originally from Cornwall but have spent the last 6/7 years outside of this amazing county. It was upon my rather abrupt return, due to the global pandemic, that I found myself with my plans pulled from underneath me. It was at this point I remembered an email an old lecturer had sent me a job advert for Green Light years ago. This email sparked an interest in the company which I have followed on social media ever since. After spending some time looking through the usual job search engines and not seeing Green Light I decided to check the website directly. I saw they were advertising a position for a BCBA and put together an application. From the moment I submitted the application things moved very quickly; invite, video interview, phone call, contract, first day. All done within two and half weeks.

Action has not slowed down nearly two months in. I have been to a number of Green Light’s homes, met the brilliant people we support and equally fantastic people who support them. It is evident that the team members who support people day to day, are innovative, thoughtful and compassionate people, creating structured activities for people. Furthermore, these activities are tailored to people’s interests and desires, even more impressive when external alternatives have been reduced to zero as a result of Covid 19. Also during this time they have offered support and understanding to proactively alleviate stress or anxieties that people and their families have experienced.

This constant improvement is a key part of Green Light’s ethos and I have already experienced this first hand. In my interview, I stated a particular interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(Steven Hayes, 2019) stating how I wanted to further develop my skills in the approach. Since joining my colleague and supervisor Ioanna Konstantinidou (BCBA) has provided me with formal training sessions and countless resources, encouragement and peer supervision in developing programmes to implement. This continued development of skills is ingrained into Green Light and is a key pillar of the approach offered.

It has only been a short time at Green Light so far and at a moment in time where all new starters are not experiencing the normal. My induction and initial experience has been incredibly welcoming and always moving forward. However, there have been moments to reflect where I see how lucky I am to be part of this company who provide a service in a positive and prosocial manner. The fact that this is occurring in Cornwall is absolutely incredible. I look forward to what is to come and am sure I will get an opportunity to update you all in the future.

Spencer Delf