Behaviour Analyst Roles with Green Light


Green Light PBS Ltd. supports many people whose behaviour can be defined as ‘challenging’.  The challenge was presented by Blunden and Allen in the 1980’s as “The term challenging behaviour is used to emphasise that the issue is a challenge to those who provide services, and to the rest of society, not just a problem carried around by the individual.  The challenge is ours to find effective ways of helping people to behave and express themselves in ways which are acceptable to society” (Blunden & Allen, 1987)

Health Researcher Eric Emerson provided a clear definition of the challenge and the specific dimensions of interest: “Culturally abnormal behaviour of such an intensity, frequency or duration that the physical safety of the person or others is likely to be placed in serious jeopardy, or behaviour which is likely to seriously limit use of, or result in the person being denied access to, ordinary community facilities” (Emerson, 1995).

‘Positive Behaviour Support’ (PBS) has evolved to become the accepted best practice response to supporting people who display challenging behaviour.  “PBS is a person centred framework for providing long term support to people with a learning disability, and/or autism, including those with mental health conditions, who have, or may be at risk of developing, behaviours that challenge. It is a blend of person centred values and behavioural science and uses evidence to inform decision-making. (British Institute of Learning Disabilities, The PBS Academy, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, Health Education England & Skills for Care, April 2017)

The key principles of PBS are that behaviour always happens for a reason. It may be the person’s only way of communicating an unmet need. PBS helps us understand the reason for the behaviour so we can better meet people’s needs, enhance their quality of life and reduce the likelihood that the behaviour will happen. 

PBS, underpinned by behavioural science or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has been key to Green Light being able to deliver on its Mission to ‘empower people with autism to lead a lifestyle they are proud of’

Our commitment to this approach has resulted in the creation of the following roles:

Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) & Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) 

Working from our busy office and training centre in Newquay and across our small homes in Cornwall.  This role will include:


Behaviour Analyst Internship

The Internship role was created for students of Applied Behaviour Analysis or Positive Behaviour Support (e.g. ABA/PBS UK course list)  The role aims to bridge the gap between study and practice for people at the start of their careers in Applied Behaviour Analysis, or Positive Behaviour Support.  Successful applicants will be closely supervised by Green Light’s Behaviour Analysts in the role.  This will include assessing needs, developing and implementing support plans and monitoring progress towards goals.  Interns will work alongside our dedicated teams in Green Light’s homes in Cornwall helping to embed and ensure fidelity of practices.  Again, this role will result in ability to shape a growing organisation aligned with your values.  As Interns are expected to come from far afield, we are offering support with relocation to Cornwall.    



Sarah Miller, Director with Ioanna Konstantinidou, BCBA & Jo Pyrah, Managing Director

We welcome tweets, informal discussion & visits from people interested in joining us.    

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