Reaffirming Our Core Values

Published by Jo on 26th March 2024

Reaffirming Our Core Values

In schools and care providers worldwide, PBS, known as PBIS in the USA, serves as a framework for promoting and encouraging positive or prosocial behaviours, fostering an inclusive culture of learning, mutual respect, and responsibility. A starting point when introducing PBS is establishing three to five values to be shared and be commonly held across the culture, which support the overall vision and mission.

Values Workshop Jan ’24

Green Light’s Registered Managers lead and set the tone for the culture within their teams. In January 2024, managers came together to reflect on their personal values and the values Green Light should continue to embrace and cultivate. PhD candidate and senior behaviour analyst Ioanna Konstantinidou led the exercise with a debate about the values that resonate most deeply with participants. Following debate and discussion within three groups, attendees presented their findings, which were further distilled into the final three to be adopted: Empathy, Integrity, and Empowerment.

Our reaffirmed values will be incorporated into policies, procedures, and practices going forward and are already being included in our recruitment and induction of new team members. However, and perhaps more importantly, Green Light employees can now be on the lookout for examples of colleagues acting with genuine empathy, integrity, or in ways that are empowering, and thank them for being true to our company values.

Thank you to everyone who joined our workshop and Ioanna for hosting this important session

Jo Pyrah

Jo Pyrah, Managing Director



Reaffirming Our Core Values