New Starter – Frequently Asked Questions

Published by Jo on 13th March 2024

New Starter – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome and thank you for considering joining Green Light PBS Ltd.

Who are we?

Green Light PBS Ltd. is a provider of social care that was established in Redruth in 2010 with the Mission to ‘empower people to lead a lifestyle they’re proud of’.  We have steadily grown to support 47 people with learning disabilities and autism, from quality family-style homes, flats, and apartments.  

Who does Green Light support?

The Health and Social Care sector serves the wide ranging needs of the total population.  And, while some providers support children, the elderly, those with dementia, and mental health or nursing care needs, Green Light only serves adults with intellectual, or learning disabilities, and autism.  As such, our accommodation, training, and support are all tailored to meet the specific needs of this population.

What roles are available?

We are regularly hiring for roles such as Support Worker, Senior Support Worker, Waking Night Support Worker, Deputy Manager, and Registered Manager.  Full-time contracts (up to 45 hours) and part-time contracts are often available.  We also have a flexible ‘relief’ role suited to those who need flexibility for other commitments, but still wish to make an impact with the time they have available.  See roles and apply now here

Where are we located?

Green Light is based in Cornwall, with homes in or close to most major towns, never far from the coast!  We do not provide support outside of Cornwall.  Our training, offices and support functions are all based in Newquay.  You can see exactly where on this map.

Are there plans to open new homes?

Yes! In 2024, we plan to open ‘Tanglewood,’ a spacious bungalow for just three people with learning disabilities and autism, in Lanjeth near St Austell.  The home is currently configured so that two people can share the home, with the third person having their own annex to the home.  

Tanglewood, nr St. Austell

We are always on the lookout for new homes, for people waiting for services, and are an excellent tenant for a long-term landlord investor.  If you are a landlord (or know one) please see, or share this page on our website.  

Would I be suited to being a Support Worker at Green Light?

Our company Values are ‘empathy, integrity and empowerment’.  If you’re a ‘people-person’ who enjoys working with a team to help others succeed, then the chances are this role is right for you!  Respecting people’s rights, and treating them with kindness, dignity, and respect, are essential qualities we look for in those wishing to join us.  

What shifts would be available?

As we offer support around the clock, shifts are available during the day, evenings, weekends, and overnight, as needed by the people we support.  Managers schedule working patterns in advance on a rota, to ensure the right team is in place to meet the needs of the people we support.  

What training is provided to new staff?

As a company that values safe, effective, and compassionate care, we’re committed to investing in the knowledge, skills, and competencies of our workforce.  We provide a comprehensive induction training programme to all successful applicants, where you’ll learn about topics such as learning disabilities, autism, communication, safeguarding, and more, alongside like-minded individuals preparing for their new roles with us.

What support is available once I join?

Every home has a dedicated Registered Manager, responsible for the induction, support, training and supervision of their team colleagues.  At Green Light, Registered Managers and Deputy Managers lead from the front, providing coaching, guidance, and examples of good practice and feedback on performance.  

Are there opportunities to progress?

Absolutely! We provide internal career growth opportunities and offer training and support to nurture your professional development. We take pride in being a stepping stone for numerous professional careers. Many individuals have leveraged their experience gained with us to pursue opportunities in a wide range of roles in the Health and Social Care sector. A significant number continue to grow alongside us on their career paths.  

The majority of our management team started their careers as support workers, growing with us.  For those possessing strong leadership, interpersonal, and organisational skills, transitioning into roles such as Deputy Manager or Registered Manager may be of interest. Alternatively, individuals seeking to enhance their technical knowledge and competencies supporting quality care may consider advancing into a Behaviour Technician role, a unique role at Green Light.  Students of Applied Behaviour Analysis aspiring to become UKBA(cert) or aUKBA(cert) qualified can explore roles within our Positive Behaviour Support team.  We encourage enquiries, visits and discussions with potential applicants keen on commencing their career journey with us.

What are Green Light’s homes like?

Our homes resemble ordinary homes, to provide a warm and welcoming environment.  Like any home, they’re personalised to the tastes of the people who live in them.  You can see our homes, and who is managing them on our website.  

What level of support do people have?

Support levels vary based on individual needs, with the majority receiving 1:1 support.   Managers carefully assess each person’s needs before we offer a service.  This ensures we provide the right support for them to thrive.  When new team members join, the registered manager will introduce people sensitively, often as a ‘shadow’ team member, so people have time to get to know one another.  Time is also allocated to reading care plans and risk assessments, and other key information needed to understand people’s likes, dislikes, needs, etc.

What does a typical day look like for a Support Worker?

Every day is varied, reflecting the individuality and needs of the people we support. Support is led by the person’s goals, wishes and needs, with a focus on empowering them to build skills for greater independence and quality of life.  Some people may be very active, happily walking for miles along the South West Coast Path.  Others may be less active, and need a lot of skilled encouragement and support from their team to reach their local shop to buy a magazine.  

Our induction helps us understand the strengths and interests of people joining us, so this can be taken into account when people are assigned to particular teams.  

Our social media will give you a ‘tip of the iceberg’ sense of what has been happening recently, as this tends to be posted directly from experiences shared by members of our teams.

Who can I speak to about joining Green Light?

You can reach out to our recruitment team members, Chloe Browne and Kerry Noonan, who are happy to discuss available roles and answer any questions you may have.

I need some help with the application process!

If you require any adaptations or assistance with the application process, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to support you.  Applications can be made now here

Contact us at 01637 416444 during office hours or via the contact us form on our website



New Starter – Frequently Asked Questions