Meet the team – Siobhan Menhenett, Behaviour Technician

Published by Jo on 10th January 2023

Meet the team – Siobhan Menhenett, Behaviour Technician

Siobhan Menhenett joined Green Light in January 2019, with a wealth of customer-focused experience, gained from her time in the retail and hospitality sectors.  As an outdoor activity instructor, Siobhan found joy in supporting children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour to overcome personal difficulties and reach their personal goals.   After becoming a senior support worker with Green Light, Siobhan had the opportunity to work closely with Darina Donellan, a Behaviour Analyst from Green Light’s PBS team, who was supporting an individual with severe learning disabilities and autism to develop their self-help and independence skills.  Inspired by her involvement in this, Siobhan applied to become a Behaviour Technician, a role that will give Siobhan the opportunity to learn more about the underlying principles at play, and build further on the progress made with her team. 


Q: Where are you from and where do you live now?


A: I’m from sunny Bognor Regis and have lived in Newquay for almost 7 years.


Q: How did you hear about Green Light ?


A: I found Green Light while job searching online. Straight away I knew this job would be something I’d love to do.


Q: Why did you decide to work for Green Light ?


A: I started working with Green Light in January 2019.  Having never worked in care before, I was looking for a job that wasn’t just a job, I wanted to make a difference.


Q: What is your previous experience of autism or learning disabilities?


A: Before joining Green Light I had no previous experience of autism or learning disabilities. I have learnt so much in my 4 years here and continue to learn every day.


Q: Do you have any special skills/hobbies or interests?  


A: I love adventures in the outdoors. I like to explore new places and hike, climb and push myself to my limits. I also enjoy running and have just signed up for the London Marathon.


Q: When not working what are you most likely to be doing?  


A: Running and walking my dog, Daisy.


Q: What do you have on your bucket list?


A: To complete the London Marathon in around 5 hours.


Q: Who is your hero or heroine & why?


A: My mum, she is the strongest person I know.


Q: What three words sum up your personality?


A: Optimistic, cheerful, determined.



Meet the team – Siobhan Menhenett, Behaviour Technician