Meet the team – Rebecca Farmer

Published by Jo on 20th March 2024

Meet the team – Rebecca Farmer

Rebecca Farmer, hailing from Derry in Northern Ireland and now residing between Truro and Falmouth in Cornwall, joined the Comprigney Vean team at Green Light in February 2024. Her journey to Green Light began with a simple recommendation from a friend. After dedicating 16 years to the hospitality industry, Rebecca made the decision to transition into support work, driven by her desire to make a positive difference. Despite having limited previous experience with autism or learning disabilities, Rebecca’s enthusiasm to learn is palpable. She is a multi-talented individual, with a background as a tap dancing instructor, a penchant for singing, painting, and baking. She describes herself as bubbly, positive and a bit of a loudmouth! – On her bucket list is visiting every country. Rebecca’s heroine is her mother because due to all her hard work and determination Rebecca had every opportunity in life.

Before joining Green Light, Rebecca was employed as an Enabler supporting a young person with cerebral palsy. She joins Registered Manager David Quinton and the team at Comprigney Vean on the edge of Truro who support an individual with autism and learning disability.

Rebecca said, “I’ve always been a big believer in being kind. You never know when someone last received a friendly hello, and something as small as a smile can have a big effect on someone’s day. I know there are many people who have had enormous impacts on my life just by being supportive when I most needed it. I’ve got a real passion for enabling people for positive change and feel like I have a lot to contribute to a career in support work.”

“One particular passion of mine is trying to help the homeless community. When I was running my own restaurant, I always tried to offer roles within the business to homeless people when I could, and through this small offer of stability, I often saw that they were enabled to make much bigger changes for themselves.”

“Within mental health, I have personal experience of how big an impact a supportive shoulder can be. A close personal friend of mine suffered, what I now understand to be, a manic episode and as a result, cut himself off from the world & disappeared. I knew that he didn’t have a good support network in place who’d look for him, so I took it upon myself to track him down through a missing persons campaign. When I eventually found him, I brought him back to live with me temporarily, whilst I arranged a permanent solution. This remains one the most challenging experiences of my life, as he was really very unwell at the time, requiring 24-hour support for his own safety, and I quickly found that mental health support was more difficult to access than I had originally thought. Over three months of sheer perseverance, I managed to link him to appropriate support, and find him sheltered housing where he could focus on improving his wellbeing and stabilize himself. The experience taught me a lot about my own ability to make positive change, as well as a few key lessons in setting personal boundaries, and has inspired me to pursue a more fulfilling career which can make a difference to those who need it most.”

Welcome to Green Light Rebecca!

Comprigney Vean, Truro


Meet the team – Rebecca Farmer