Meet the Team – Kieren Morrish

Published by Jo on 12th May 2022


Green Light’s Recruitment Lead, Kerry Noonan caught up with Kieren who recently returned to Green Light and the Wheal Gerry team led by Jude Woods.  The team support three adults with learning disabilities who each have their own two bedroom home on the cul-de-sac in Camborne. 


Welcome back Kieren.  Can you tell us why you decided to return to Green Light?


“There was many positive reasons which made me decide to return back to Green Light from the amazing people we support to the diverse and friendly teams that we’re a part of at Green Light.  But I think for me it was mainly because I feel that the role aligns well with who I am as a person and my purpose of wanting to be able to improve the quality of others lives.”


During your time away from us, did you pick up any new skills that will help with your role with us?

Wheal Gerry Manager Jude Woods

“In my time away from Greenlight I worked as a security operative at Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske.  Due to the nature of the hospital it was often that I would be in situations where I would have to communicate with people who were in high emotional states, so I feel as if my communication and conflict resolution skills have improved because of this and is crucial in any effective team.”


What do you love most about your job now Kieren?


“What I love most about my job is being able to positively have an impact on a person’s life and support them to achieve their goals and overall happiness”


How would you sum up your experience of working with Green Light?


“To sum up my experience of working for Green Light previously and how I feel about it now is that it is fulfilling.  If you’re passionate about serving and helping others, or if you want something that will keep you on your toes and challenge you then it’s the right job for you, in my experience with Green Light; no two days have ever been the same.”

Kieren demonstrating his flexibility!

Do you have any special interests of hobbies that you feel adds to what you do with us at Green Light?


“That’s a hard one to answer really. My hobbies and interests are pretty diverse and I’m forever changing them! Currently I like to go the gym and work on my fitness.  I enjoy expressing myself creatively whether it’s through music, art or dancing. I’ve recently started doing meditations and yoga classes and I’m looking forward to making use of my paddleboard during the lighter evenings.  I suppose the way this transfers into my role is that I’m versatile and can pretty much fit in anywhere”


What’s been a favourite experience working with us so far?


“I am still currently new to the service that I support but my best experience so far was perhaps on my first day, I received a very warm welcome from the person I was supporting and we bonded instantly on musical theatre, singing along to pantomimes and Joseph on YouTube.”


What three words would you use to describe yourself?


“Determined, passionate and confident”


Do you feel the induction prepared you for the role?


“Yes! The induction course is very comprehensive, whether you’ve worked in care before or if it’s your first time, I feel as if it fully prepares you with the knowledge that you need to be able to work, the rest all comes with time whilst you’re getting to know the person you support.”

Kerry Noonan

Thanks again and welcome back Kieren!