Meet the Team – Gary Curson

Published by Jo on 16th April 2021

Gary Curson joined Green Light in March 2018 working in a number of teams supporting adults with autism and learning disabilities.  Gary is now Deputy Manager at Trevelthan a home for one person with learning disabilities near Redruth.


Q: Where are you from and where do you live now?


A: Lancashire born and bred, now living in St Columb Major


Q: How did you hear about Green Light ?


A: Through an advert on a job search site


Q: Why did you decide to work for Green Light ?


A: After seeing the advert I did some research and found GL’s social media presence, it was seeing this that inspired me to apply.  After working for 17yrs as a secondary school teacher I wanted a new challenge in life but I still wanted to be doing something that made a difference.  I loved how Green Light made differences to each and every person they supported and how they have the person at the heart of all they do.  I still lived in Lancashire at the time, the whole process from interview in Newquay, selling our house and moving to Cornwall took just short of 12 weeks, it was a whirlwind but well worth it!


Q: What is your previous experience of autism or learning disabilities?


A: Through my career as a teacher I had taught a number of pupils with Autism and learning disabilities as well as my own 3 children having Asperger Syndrome, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder between them.

Q: Do you have any special skills/hobbies or interests?


A: I love singing, particularly Karaoke.  I also love most sports and am very much an armchair fan particularly football, I support Burnley FC, and cricket.  I’m also trained in Reiki and Person Centred Counselling and love to be out in nature.


Q: When not working what are you most likely to be doing?


A: Spending time with my family, particularly my wife.  Now the kids are growing up stealing time away together is priceless.


Q: What do you have on your bucket list?


A: Travel, Travel and more Travel


Q: Who is your hero or heroine & why?


A: Nikola Tesla – The man was an absolute genius!  Not only was he an electrical and mechanical engineer, he was also a visionary who understood the world in ways no ordinary people did at the time.  It’s most likely the inventor was also autistic, he suffered from a large number of phobias, was extremely sensitive to both light and sound, spent much of his life in isolation and was obsessed with the number three.  Thanks to his major rival, Thomas Edison, who reportedly stole many of his best ideas, Tesla died poor and alone.   It is only now that Tesla is finally getting the credit he deserves for many of his most genius ideas


Q: What three words sum up your personality?


A: Easy-going, Friendly, Empathic