Meet the Team – Ebony Vardy-Jones

Published by Jo on 15th September 2021

Ebony Vardy-Jones joined Green Light as a Behaviour Analyst Intern with Green Light’s Positive Behaviour Support Team in September 2021.  Following her organisational induction and training, Ebony will initially working alongside home manager Darren Reed and the Tranquil Cross Team.  Darren and the team support two adults with autism from the home on the edge of a country park in West Cornwall.  

Tranquil Cross

Q: Where are you from and where do you live now?


A: I’m from North Wales, and now live in Newquay.


Q: How did you hear about Green Light ?


A: I was aware of the company after a number of fellow Bangor ABA graduates joined the Green Light team.


Q: Why did you decide to work for Green Light ?


A: Throughout my studies I was taught that the majority of applications of the principles of behaviour analysis are working with young children with Autism. I believe the applications of these principles expand to a much more varied list of populations. I would love to work in a setting that adds to the list of populations that have seen an improvement in quality of life through positive behaviour support. The staff at Green Light are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields and have been a part of some outstanding achievements. I feel that by working as part of Green Light’s team, I will learn a lot and will see significant improvements to people’s lives. 


Q: What is your previous experience of autism or learning disabilities?


A: After the completion of my Masters degree, I was fortunate to be offered employment as a Behaviour Therapist.  In this role I worked with individuals with diagnoses of Autism and other specific learning difficulties. The individuals I worked with ranged from 2 to 29 years old, with the majority of my caseload being Early and Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI).


Q: Do you have any special skills/hobbies or interests?


A: Growing up in North Wales meant I was lucky to have a combination of the coasts and the mountains right on my doorstep. This led me to take an interest in a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding and wild swimming. I enjoyed doing such activities with my family within my childhood, and then also with friends during my time at Bangor University.


Q: When not working what are you most likely to be doing?


A: When I’m not working I like to spend time in our camper van that my partner and I converted last year. When we are not repairing it, we enjoy using it to visit the amazing beaches of Cornwall, and for road trips exploring the rest of South West England.


Q: What do you have on your bucket list?


A: On the top of my bucket list is to learn to surf, which I think I am in with a better chance of succeeding since relocating to Cornwall! Another experience I would love to tick off is to see an Orca within its natural habitat.


A: Who is your hero or heroine & why?


Q: Although there is an endless list of artists, actors and other figures within the public eye that have had an impact on my life values and goals, the people that have had the biggest inspiration on my achievements and aspirations are my parents. My mum and dad have been a consistent source of support and encouragement, and everything I do in life, I do to make them proud.


Q: What three words sum up your personality?


A: Ambitious, Patient, Approachable