Cade Miller passes exam to become a Registered Behaviour Technician

Published by Jo on 14th June 2024

Cade Miller passes exam to become a Registered Behaviour Technician

Congratulations to Cade Miller who passed his exam on 10th June 2024 to become Green Light’s Third Registered Behaviour Technician.  Cade’s journey to become a Registered Behaviour Technician started when he joined Green Light as Relief Support Worker in October 2022, then a full time Support Worker, before applying to become a Behaviour Technician in July 2023.  Since then Cade has completed theory training and supervision to demonstrate theory in practice, as specific competencies.  RBT Training covers a set curriculum and an ethical and professional code that RBT’s worldwide abide by. 

Cade flew from Newquay to London to take the exam earlier this week, after recently being signed off by Chloe Brindley, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and UKBA(cert) as fully competent in all the required areas.  RBTs are trained in six primary competency areas set by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board in what is known as a ‘Task List’ for the profession.

Competence Area  In Practice examples 
Measurement  John, an adult with a severe learning disability exhibits self-injurious behaviour. By implementing continuous measurement procedures, the frequency and duration of episodes can be tracked, helping to identify patterns and triggers. This leads to effective, data-driven interventions, addressing the conditions that would otherwise result in self-injury. 
Assessment  By conducting a preference assessment for Emily, who has limited verbal communication, support plans can be tailored to her unique interests, creating a more engaging and motivating environment for her.
Skill Acquisition  While working with Michael on basic hygiene tasks you use discrete-trial teaching techniques to break down tasks into more manageable steps, helping Michael succeed easily and become independent in basic hygiene tasks, like brushing his teeth.
Behaviour Reduction Jenny shouts repetitively when ignored. By teaching Jenny to use a communication system Jenny can ask for what she needs, in time reducing the need to shout.
Documentation & Reporting For Tom, detailed notes on his progress ensures his team can make informed adjustments to his care plan in response to his specific needs as time goes by.
Professional Conduct & Scope of Practice  Maintaining professional conduct is essential. When a team member asks you to support outside your scope of competence, it’s important to adhere to professional guidelines and maintain trust and integrity in your role.  

Cade in London, June 2024

Of the role Cade said:

“I loved being a Support Worker at Green Light, helping people make the most of their lives every day. I enjoyed working as part of a team and alongside our behaviour analysts to develop better ways of helping people with the challenges they face due to their disabilities. When I saw the role of Behaviour Technician advertised, I was keen to apply.  The training, coaching, and supervision you receive allows you to delve deeper into ways of supporting people ethically and effectively.  I’d like to thank my Supervisor Chloe for all her support and guidance during my training and competencies.  She’s been incredible.”



If you love being a Support Worker or Senior Support Worker but curious to learn more and advance your career take a look at the website page on becoming an RBT

Cade Miller passes exam to become a Registered Behaviour Technician