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Associate Behaviour Analyst

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Those with the following qualifications are eligible to apply for the Associate Behaviour Analyst role:

  • Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA)
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis PGcert/PGDip Bangor/Ulster/Kent/University of South Wales
  • Positive Behaviour Support PGCert/PGDip Bangor/Kent
  • Behaviour Analysis and Intervention BSc Edge Hill University
  • Positive Behaviour Support BSc Kent
  • CABAS Teacher 1 (graduate)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in PBS Level 7 Northumbria University
  • Advanced Diploma in PBS Northumbria University Level 6 
  • Professional Diploma in PBS Wales BTEC Level 5 
  • Diploma Practice Leadership in Positive Behaviour Support BILD BTEC Level 5 Diploma

The Associate Behaviour Analyst role is being introduced in Summer 2024 as a UK equivalent to the BCaBA role.  Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate their competence in the aUKBA(cert) values-led Competence Framework, when published by the UK-SBA, within a year of being in post.   

As an Associate Behaviour Analyst with Green Light’s Positive Behaviour Support Team you will apply your behaviour analytic knowledge and skills to provide high quality Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)* to the individuals with autism, learning disabilities and challenging behaviour** who are supported by Green Light, so they can experience outcomes that are meaningful to them, and enjoy a good quality of life.

The Associate Behaviour Analyst role will involve:

  • Working dynamically with Green Light’s PBS team of Behaviour Analysts, Behaviour Technicians and Registered Managers as they lead their team to provide safe, effective, caring and responsive care and support 
  • UKBA(cert) clinical supervision 
  • Conducting Initial Needs Assessments from Referrals 
  • Developing Individual Service Designs & Support Proposals
  • Facilitating Support Planning for Individuals, Families, Teams & Professionals
  • Performing Functional Assessments and Positive Behaviour Support Planning
  • Conducting Training Sessions for Individuals & Teams
  • Providing Coaching and Guidance to Teams
  • Observing Practice, Collecting Data, and Providing Feedback
  • Collaborating with Registered Managers & their Teams
  • Designing and Implementing Training Programs, including PBS+ inc:
    • autism, learning disability, communication, positive behaviour support
  • Training, Mentoring, and Supervising Support Staff 
  • Attending Management, Peer Supervision, & Team Meetings
  • Committing to Continuous Professional Development required of aUKBA(cert)
  • Staying Updated on Legislation, Research, & Best Practices
  • Representing Green Light at Professional Forums
  • Occasional National Travel with Overnight Stays
  • Proactively Contributing to Green Light’s Services in Cornwall
  • Remaining Flexible to Support Green Light’s Service Needs
  • Undertaking Additional Duties as Required by Green Light
  • Work in an area of outstanding natural beauty

See Job Description for further details



*Challenging Behaviour – “Culturally abnormal behaviour of such an intensity, frequency or duration that the physical safety of the person or others is likely to be placed in serious jeopardy, or behaviour which is likely to seriously limit use of, or result in the person being denied access to, ordinary community facilities” (Eric Emerson, 1995).

**Positive Behaviour Support – “PBS is a person centred framework for providing long term support to people with a learning disability, and/or autism, including those with mental health conditions, who have, or may be at risk of developing, behaviours that challenge.  It is a blend of person centred values and behavioural science and uses evidence to inform decision-making.  (British Institute of Learning Disabilities, The PBS Academy, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, Health Education England & Skills for Care, April 2017) 

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Job Type:

Full time permanent contract


£30,000 - £35,000

Reports to:

Behaviour Analyst UKBA (cert)


Cornwall, UK


Increase Prosocial Behaviour

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