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Green Light - Switched on care

"We're About People"

Accommodation & Support for adults with:

  • >Learning Disability

  • >Autism

  • >Complex Needs

Our Mission

Empowering people to achieve a lifestyle they're proud of

Green Light PBS Ltd. was established in 2009 to provide accommodation and support for adults with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour from a range of small homes across Cornwall, UK.  By 2024, the company had grown to support 47 people from 18 locations which have been consistently rated ‘good’ overall by the regulator.  By May 2024, the company had 275 employees.

Green Light’s accommodation and support is developed in line with key guidance on the creation of services for adults with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour, such as the Mansell Reports.  And latterly CQC’s Registering the Right Support and Right Care Right Support Right Culture, guidance.  This aims to reduce the amount of institutionalised care received by people with learning disabilities and autism, and to promote the principles of choice, independence and inclusion.    

Green Light supported these aims by creating responsive, person-centred, community-based care provision, based on a comprehensive understanding of individual needs.  In particular, the challenging behaviour, and what this means to each person. 

Referrals and Assessments

  • Who does Green Light support? Green Light caters specifically to adults (16-64) with learning disabilities and autism. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of this demographic.
  • Who can make referrals to Green Light? Referrals typically come from social workers, care coordinators, or commissioners identifying individuals with ‘eligible needs.’ These are individuals whose well-being is considered to be adversely affected by physical or mental conditions.
  • How do I request an assessment of ‘eligible needs’? Requests for assessment are usually made through the local authority website. This ensures that the individual’s needs are officially recognised before proceeding with the referral process.
  • How does Green Light determine if they can meet someone’s needs? A comprehensive assessment is conducted by Green Light’s senior team, which includes input from the individual, their family, and other stakeholders. Based on this assessment, a tailored proposal is presented to commissioners for consideration.
  • Does Green Light offer emergency placements or support at short notice? No, Green Light’s services are meticulously planned and prepared to meet each person’s needs.
  • Are there resources available to understand and access the right support? The Challenging Behaviour Foundation offers valuable resources, including ‘Getting the Best Support Package,’ which provides insights into navigating support systems effectively.


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Our Vision

A varied & developmental lifestyle for each & every person

Green Light supports people with Learning Disabilities & Autism. In addition, we have experience of supporting people with Down’s Syndrome and Prader Willi Syndrome who needed a similarly structured approach.

Green Light is a needs-led service, tailoring support and accommodation to the needs of each person based on an assessment of need.

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